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Mechanized Farming in Myanmar
   "Transformation to mechanized farming is a prerequisite for agricultural development. To convert conventional acre-plots to mechanized hectare-plots is one of the work programmes to implement for ensuring quick win.
    The traditional farmland has such weak points as uneven
size of farming plots,and no production roads which result in
unnecessary production costs. In addition, it also contributes
to low quality of crops.
    As mechanized farming can reduce significantly the time, it enables double- and triple-cropping patterns,increasing the income and high GDDP index.
    Here is 3000-acre advanced mechanized farm in Dekkhinathiri Township,Nay Pyi Taw Council Area:
    Previously,177 owners in Area No.1,426 in Area No.2,239 in Area No.3 and 135 in Area No.5.We can get exact records from Land Records Department only.
    Roughly 500 from this village and surrounding ones work  with 18 backhoes and three bulldozers.
    Some thought nothing can be grown  here but you can see now beautiful sunflowers are growing.The land price is high now.
     For convenience of Farmers an organization named "Farmer's Friend" is formed.two persons represented  for
eac hchannel of Ngaleik Dam.The project started on 17 November 2012.The project will end in March 2013.
   The land area claims: Alyinlo - 369 acres,Aungchantha-288
acres,tegyigon-100 acres,Chaing Village-40 acre farm and 50-acre one.Medi-110 acres,Yan Aung Myin-73 acres,Kyargu-110 acres.
   As the whole world is seeking for food security,Myanmar is also implementing rural development as a national objective.
So mechanized Farming is necessary to us." MAN.

    Yangon, the commercial city of Myanmar, is being transformed into an metropolis. A new economic zone wiil be established in Yangon as housing projects are developing to redefine urbanization in Yangon area.Strategic Plans will be drafted to transform Yangon into metropolis.Priority projects will be designed in details in 2014.the drafting of economic zones by YCDC with the support of Japanese aids organizations will be completed by coming February.

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