Sunday, August 26, 2012



The Economic System

The economic system of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is market economic system.

The Constitution states that the Union shall:

(a) permit all economic forces such as the State,regional organization,co-operatives,joint-ventures,private individual,so forth,to take part in  economic activities for the development of National economy;

(b) protect and prevent acts that injue public interests throgh monopolization or manipulation of prices by an individual or group with intent to endangerfair competition in economic activities;

(c) strive to improve the livcing standards of the people and development of investments;

(d) not nationalize economic enterprises;

(e) not demonetize the currency legally in circulation.

Agriculture is main job of Myanmar.Agricultural development is the essential role to development of rural and urban.establishment of quality agricultural zones with a shift to quality grains suited to local climate and land,and nsetting up model township for agricultural development and poverty alleviation scheme.

President U Thein Sein exhorted that they were to lend helping hand to local people who are in difficulties for a while due to flood.The government and people collaborated to fight for challenges.

Now flood is swoop for the whole country.We have to lend a hand to local people.

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