Friday, August 31, 2012

Myanmar Government

Myanmar Government is making a very big changes in its Cabinet.After appointed Vice President,two union-ministers and one Auditor-General are allowed to retire,nine union-ministers and fifteen deputy ministers are changed.
Myanmar President U Thein Sein will attend UN General Assembly in September.
Myanmar Government is enforcing to Market Economy System.
Japanese Investors are looking forward to invest in Myanmar.Their steps are very advancing.JICA is taking a role in Myanmar.
Foreign Banks are starting to enter Myanmar Banking field.
Changing portfolio of Myanmar Cabinet is changing the administration and economic system  in democratic way.
But setback is occurred,that is the battles in Kachin State.
Let's see our staple food.
RICE        Thousand Metric Tons                    US$ Million

2008-2009         666.4                               198,2
2009-2010         818.1                               254.2
2010-2011         536.4                               198.1
2011-2012         707.2                               267.2
2012-2013         197.0                               65.7 (April-May-June)
YELLOW MAIZE   Thousand Metric Tons           US$ Million
2008-2009          120.2                              26.4
2009-10               10.4                                2.1
2010-2011            44.8                              11.2
2011-2012           166.5                              46.6
2012-2013               9.9                                2.8 (April-May-June)
We can see the progress in new Government.
We hope for good business in Myanmar soon.

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