Monday, September 24, 2012



President U Thein Sein announced in June a "second wave of reforms",which will include the long awaited new foreign investment law,likely to be passed by parliament soon.Now this draft is in U Thein Sein's hand.How much we have to wait for it.?
The EU has pledged 159 million euros (190 million dollars) over the next five years.Meanwhile the government hopes to meet an ambitious goal of 7.7 GDP growth between 2012 and 2016,and a 70 percent increase in per capita income during jthe same period.Japanese government is ready to grant aid.India is willing to give aid now.People's Republic of China has given many aid,but how about Republic of KOREA?  
"We welcome  foreign direct investment,but frankly speaking we have some worries about it,"said Zaw Min Win,Vice Chairman of Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce & Industry.Zaw Min Win said that he wanted to see more emphasis placed on infrastructure than on consumer products and light industries."Electricity,road transport,port development,and so on"',Zaw Min Win said.
Now Coca-Cola is in Myanmar market together with Pepsi Cola.Many are .coming.Therfore,we must be ready for competition

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