Monday, September 3, 2012



 Chairman U Chit Khaing stated : "As we are all aware, our blessed country has once again emerged with its hidden vibrancy, charm and economic potentials that are all blossoming. Thanks to the sincere efforts by the government in putting the country at the forefront."
 "Our people for the long have toiled the earth of our golden land to support their living. This however, as noble as it is; may no longer be adequate a the nation is in preparation to embark to the journey of greatness."

"With our government's continuous effort in ensuring the nation's agribusiness return to the zenith, it is imperative for everyone to consolidate their strength to pave the way for a greater national agro-economy."

"The formation of MAPCO is a testimony of this effort. The set of ideals that MAPCO carries is a paradigm shift from the previous agribusiness model to a more robust and comprehensive system. Esseential aspects for the country's generator of wealth, such as education, legislation,private  businesses and the public,are brought together through MAPCO to contribute to a greater overall wealth of our beloved Myanmar."


To stand sucessfully as the most vibrant,dynamic and profitable public corporation in Myanmar.

To develop and sustain agribusiness activities so as to ensure prosperity for all stakeholders in the interests of national food security and rapid economic development.

To implement private sector led development in agriculture and agrobased Indutries.
To develop and improve infrastructure and logistics with regard to economic development of Myanmar.

To be a market leader in Myanmar and in global marketplace.


To be the vanguard of agriculture and agribusiness sectors


To reform the agro-based industry into a more vibrant and competitive sector

To catalyse the agriculture segment to become the nation's engine of growth

To place MAPCO as a prominent and preferred agribusiness investment avenue

To position  MAPCO  as a major global agro-commodities trading entity


* National stockpile (Emergency Reserve)
* Guaranteed Minimum Price (Selective Intervention)
* Safety Nets for Vulnerable Groups (Food Security}
* Contract Farming (Rural Development)


* Trade Activities

* Processing Activities

* Investment Activities

* Infrastructure Development Activities

* Service Provider

 MAPCO is our dream and our prospect.

MAPCO will render us regularly

* Guidance and Supporting
* Advisory and Observations
* Safeguard farmers and Consumers'Interests
* National Agricultural Development Objectives

MAPCO WEB for your perusal and information.

Therefore,we must join MAPCO together to promote our Rice Business and get profit surely.

Chairman U Chit Khaing said "To a successful new beginning and beyond,I welcome you to MAPCO".


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